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Photo by Janette Beckman

Mary Engel is a consultant, archivist and director of the Orkin/Engel Film and Photo Archive, and founder of the American Photography Archives Group, APAG. Mary is committed to the preservation and legacy of photography archives, and has created a resurgence in her mother Ruth Orkin's work since her Centennial in 2021.

She has consulted with over 30 photographers and archives and is considered a foremost authority in the field.

American Photography Archives Group

The American Photography Archives Group is a resource organization for individuals who own or manage a privately held photography archive.

Orkin/Engel Archive

The Orkin/Engel Film and Photo Archive was created to showcase the work of Mary’s mother and father; photographer Ruth Orkin, and filmmaker Morris Engel.


Mary Engel has created, produced, and contributed to films about the lives of her parents and their work, in addition to other photographers and artists.