APAG: American Photography Archives Group

Engel is the founder and president of the American Photography Archives Group, APAG which began in 2000. It was originally comprised of 5 heirs of archives, grew to 17, then 27 and the rest is history. APAG used to meet at the School of Visual Arts, and later moved the meetings to the International Center of Photography.

Engel is responsible for all aspects of maintaining the day to day aspects of APAG, as well as the strategic planning. She handles all financial and legal matters, with the assistance of our pro bono accountant and attorney. She handles all membership fees and communications with all members and sets up the meetings, the seminars, the field trips and so that the organization runs as smoothly as possible. She posts Facebook posts, and updates the APAG website and fields all questions from people looking to contact members.

She works closely with her board of Directors, Grayson Dantzic, Julie Grahame and Ernest Londa.

The American Photography Archives Group is a resource organization for individuals who own or manage a privately held photography archive. 

THE PHOTO ARCHIVE HANDBOOK: What you need to know (2017)

Only digital copies available, until it is reprinted. $20 please pay via paypal or Zelle Quick Pay to info@apag.us